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Bravura Solutions company to be sold to Ironbridge

Technology Sep 24, 2013 Bravura Solutions company to be sold to Ironbridge
Bravura Solutions Limited (Bravura) – a leading global supplier of wealth management, life insurance and transfer agency software applications and services – announces that at the Scheme Meeting and General Meeting held in Sydney, Bravura shareholders passed the resolutions...
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    Is it that time already?

    Christian Voigt , Business Solutions Architect

    It’s a little over a year since the introduction of European Short Selling regulation and already it’s time for the European Commission to prepare its revi...

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    When work and social life collide, we need social banks

    Chis Skinner , Chairman at The financial services club

    One of the themes of my presentations of recent times is how technology has bridged the divide between work life and social life. This came up in force aga...

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    Trade recs: on the fast track or stuck in the sidings?

    Neil Vernon , Product Development Director, Gresham Computing

    The average tier one investment bank today is dealing with a very complex trade processing infrastructure.  You’d expect the infrastructure to resemble a h...

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Bell Tolls for Corporate Data via Twitter: An Alternative View


The recent judgement in the USA that social media are acceptable channels to communicate corporate data to shareholders is a major breakthrough one that I hope the financial services industry embraces on mass.

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Choice & Competition in Post-Trade Matching the Case for Cost Reduction


This discussion paper commissioned by Salerio has been produced to investigate the pros and cons of bilateral matching within financial institutions (FIs) against central matching by organis...

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